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CrossFit Olten – All Stars


13 rounds every 90 seconds of

2 snatches

5 kipping toes to bar

focus on moving as much weight as possible on the snatches with good technique

choose between power and squat snatch depending on weight and mobility

scale kipping toes to bar with kipping knees to elbow


8 rounds of

10 kettlebell goblet squats

5 push ups

timecap 12’

focus on reaching full depth (not just 90°) on the kettlebell goblet squats

go as heavy as possible on every set, adjust rest accordingly

scale push ups with elevated push ups, maintain rigid upper body



1 rope climb

15 kettlebell swings (20kg/12-16kg)

30 double unders

scale rope climbs with rope climb attempts

scale 30 double unders with 15 double unders (if you can do ~5 unbroken double unders) or 60 single unders